Why You Need Rolling Funds

I was 30 years old when I got the phone call that my dad had passed unexpectedly.  Most of that day was spent shopping for airline tickets, gathering funds together … Continue Reading →

Hiking Devil’s Hall

One of the things I was looking forward to during my hiking trip was my morning coffee.  That picture above was taken from my campsite, it was cool out, the … Continue Reading →

Hiking the Guadalupe Mountains National Park

I was looking forward to this trip for months!!  In August I started collecting camping/hiking gear and researching the Guadalupe Mountains.  This was my first official solo hiking trip EVER … Continue Reading →

Working for the Weekend

  What is your favorite day of the week?  Mine is Wednesday.  Why Wednesday?  I’m glad you asked.  Wednesday is right smack in the middle of the work week which … Continue Reading →

Breaking out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zone “A place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.” I used to have one of these, I remember it being warm and fuzzy.  … Continue Reading →

My Life According to Arnold

I’m just going to assume you know about Arnold Schwarzenegger, but just in case, here is his Wikipedia page.  When I first got into weight lifting I would search for … Continue Reading →

First Overnight Solo Hiking Trip

  Next month I will be taking my very first overnight hiking trip.  I will out in the wilderness all by myself as I attempt to hike the Guadalupe Peak … Continue Reading →

My Trip to the Dominican Republic

My first trip in 2016 I went to the Dominican Republic.  In my mind I pictured coconuts, banana trees, people dancing, good food and blue water.   The Dominican did not … Continue Reading →

Breaking up with my Gym

Yes, it’s true.  After a two year courtship, I decided it was time to break up with my gym. As I walked out of the manager’s office I couldn’t help … Continue Reading →

Save Money on Groceries

Month after month my grocery bill fluctuates anywhere from 4-9% of my monthly expenses.  When I first started budgeting last year I was using my credit card to pay for … Continue Reading →


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