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I picked up my training binder.  For some reason one of my pictures will not load so I have included a picture of what the inside looks like.

Fitness Plan WM

So in the very front cover I have a quote with a strong girl in the background and it reads “70% of people that start a fitness plan quit. EXCEPT YOU. Not this time.”

The first time I saw it I feel like it was written specifically for me. I mean really plenty of times I have said I’m going on a diet, I’m working out more blah blah blah. This time it’s different. I’m on a mission you see to become strong and healthy from the inside out.

There are (5) tabs in my binder: Phase 1-3, Diet Plan, & Approved Food List.  I absolutely love how it turned out. Oh and the total cost $20.41!!

The original program can be found here. I definitely recommend watching Jamie’s videos, she has some really good tips and recipes.  Try the carrot cake protein bars . . OMG!!


This is me today after my leg workout (week 1 day3).

My measurements are as follows:

Weight – 138.4
Body Fat% – 25.5% (using omron device)
Waist – 29.75
Chest – 36.50
Hips – 37.00
Right Thigh – 23.00
Left Thigh – 22.00
Right Arm – 11.50
Left Arm – 11.25

I took these measurements myself so I’m not really sure how accurate they are but this is what I will use to track my progress.

On a side note yesterday was my first day of following the diet plan. I skipped breakfast egg whites (I was running late) and after lunch I was so stuffed. I do not know how anyone can eat so much. Maybe I should cut back on my veggies. It says unlimited so I ate unlimited. HA! Also I’m not used to eating 6oz of tofu in one sitting. Just seems so heavy. Oh well I trust Jamie. Have you seen her physique? I want.

Have a great weekend!

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