Booking My First Solo Trip

I am 28 and have never ever been on an airplane nor have I ever left Texas.  Normally I take studycations or homecations and just catch up on some studying or house maintenance.  Not this year.  I decided it was time to take a real vacation.

#1 Where do I want to go?  California duh!  I miss California. I lived there until I was nine and have not been back since I was fourteen.  It was time to visit.

#2 What do I want to do?  I have always wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo and of course the beach.  Gotta get my tan on.

#3  When can I go?  After much deliberation (vacation time popped into my head back in May)  I ultimately decided that end of August would be perfect.

Seeing as this was kind of a last minute trip I could not find anyone to go with me so I went solo.

I flew with Southwest Airlines since they fly out of Dallas Love Field (which is the smaller airport here in DFW) and it was the cheapest airfare at the time.

The plan was to fly into San Diego and spend my day at the zoo then walk over to the beach which was only about a block from my hotel.  I used tripadvisor to look at hotel reviews, I knew I wanted something that was close to the beach.  I had this idea in my head that I was going to get up early and go for a run on the beach.

I planned on driving up to Long Beach in my convertible rental and to take the Catalina Express to Avalon so I could arrive bright and early.  Again I used tripadvisor for a hotel.  Since this is where I would spend the majority of my time I looked into activities and tours the island had to offer.

I flew back home from LAX!!!  Let me just say this airport is ginormous which makes sense since it is an international airport. Yes, I got lost and freaked out.  No, I did not see any celebrities.  I had to change planes in Houston which caused undue stress.  Lucky for me the airport was smaller than LAX yet slightly larger than Love Field but easy to navigate.

Going on this solo trip allowed me to step out of my comfort zone.  Actually it forced me to step out, I had no choice.  If I wanted to have any sort of communication with anyone I was going to have to learn to initiate a conversation with “small talk”.

I will be posting more details of my San Diego and Catalina trip in separate posts.  Many things I wish I had known before my trip and plenty things I learned while on my trip.  Maybe someone out there is looking to take a trip to California.  I highly recommend it.



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