Breaking up with my Gym

GymYes, it’s true.  After a two year courtship, I decided it was time to break up with my gym. As I walked out of the manager’s office I couldn’t help but feel sad and a little guilty for cancelling my gym membership. I thought about this for a long time and concluded this was the right thing for me to do.

Why I canceled my gym membership

I currently have access to three (3) gyms for free.  We have a mini gym at home with all the essentials, a treadmill, dumbells, and bench with barbells.  I have a fitness center at work with some more fancy equipment, it’s not much but hey it’s free.  Finally, the place I train jiu-jitsu at has an extra gym with a whole lotta fancy stuff.  Put all three together and I have everything I need plus more than my gym was offering.

The only time I am ever able to make it to the gym is before work around 5Am.  This year my karate training doesn’t end until 9PM, by the time Iget home, shower and eat it is about 11PM.  That means I would only get 6 hours of sleep if I were to wake up early for a gym sesh.  You should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep for muscle growth.  It’s a bit counterproductive for me to wake up early to go lift if I am only getting the 6 hours in, so most of the time I skip the lifting and sleep in.  I can workout during my lunch break at work and I have that gym at home that I can use before class if I wanted too.  7 hours of sleep PLUS lifting means awesome gainz!!

How much will I save?

$38.92 a month to be exact. Oh and once a year in January they would charge a maintenance fee of about $60.00.  I didn’t mind paying this because the gym was always clean, they had sanitizing wipes you could use and it was small so I had access to the equipment whenever I wanted it.  Plus it was open 24 hours a day which was a must for me since I worked out so early in the day.  Let’s do some math real fast.  Here’s what happens if I put those $38.92 towards my mortgage every month:

  • Payoff date is now 11/2029 (original was 4/2031)
  • Save $2,378.99 in interest

You like how I did that?  I didn’t even have to change my my budget around, all I did was move one expense to another.  Since I am used to not have this $38.92 a month I will just send it to my mortgage.  This is the way it should be with any other “extra” money you get every year (bonus, salary increases, part time jobs, etc) take all of it and apply it to your debt.  I will pay off my house 1 year and 4 months early with this little change, and that’s if I never make any other additional principal payments (I will).

Amazing what those $38.92 will do.  I encourage you to look at your expenses, see if there is something you can cut out and then send that same monthly payment to a debt.  The little things make a big difference.

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