My Trip to the Dominican Republic

Entrance to the Grand Bahia Principe resort

The entrance to the Grand Bahia Principe resort

My first trip in 2016 I went to the Dominican Republic.  In my mind I pictured coconuts, banana trees, people dancing, good food and blue water.   The Dominican did not disappoint.  It was indeed a tropical paradise that I would have liked to explore more in depth.

Bananas on a banana tree

Finally . . . bananas on a banana tree

These bananas appeared on the tree from one day to the next.  I do not recall them being there earlier during the trip and I would know because I had been on the hunt for coconuts and bananas during the entire trip. A care taker was walking around with a bunch of bananas on a vine and therefore am inclined to believe that they were placed there on purpose.  Either way it was nice to see finally see some bananas on a banana tree.

Cats a chillin'

Cats a chillin’

There were plenty of stray cats around the resort but they didn’t bother anyone.  Some chill under the trees and others come out to eat during dinner times.

Beautiful palm trees everywhere

Beautiful palm trees everywhere

You cannot see it in this picture but some of these palm trees had coconuts on them.  People would try to sell them and if you bought one they would climb up to get the coconut.  I never bought one because I felt bad that the guy had to go up there to get it but I’m sure it would have been delicious.

Sand is kind of like a natural exfoliating scrub

Sand is kind of like a natural exfoliating scrub

I have this thing where I always take pictures of my feet.  Okay . . . moving on.


A footprint that may or may not be mine


My footprints

I claim these as my footprints

The perfect picture.  I spent most of my time on the beach, there is something about the water that is so calming and soothing.  When I think vacation I immediately think white sand and blue water.


Lightning McQueen decided to take a Dominican vacation.  He seems happy.

Sleeping doggie

Sleeping doggie

I decided to walk the entire beach and ended up at a market that was selling souvenirs.  One of the guys there said the resorts do not like when people walk off to the market as the goods are cheaper there than they are on the resort.  On my way back towards the resort I saw this dog just hanging out by a bar, he seemed rather peaceful.  Not sure if he belonged to a bar patron or if he was just resting a bit.  Now that I think about it I did see several dogs roaming the beach.


My last day on the beach and I wanted to make sure I soaked up some of that Dominican Vitamin D before I left.  Life is literally a beach.


I had such an amazing time.  I stayed at the resort for 8 days and although it was nice to have everything within walking distance, I think I would have preferred to venture off on my own to experience life as a Dominican.  An employee said that in order to get the real Dominican experience I would have to take a long drive to a different city.  I was thinking that the resort would be surrounded by small towns when in fact it was not.  Lesson learned.  Next time I will be sure to get myself a car rental so that I can explore on my own terms.


That coastline is absolutely beautiful!  My last view of the Dominican Republic, just absolutely beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like it.  There was a lot of vegetation and I cannot help but think what a great country it must be to hike in.  Has anyone ever hiked in the Dominican?

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