Meal Prep Sundays

Sunday has officially become my grocery shopping and meal prep day. Since I am a vegetarian I have to get creative with my food, otherwise it can get kind of boring. I spice up my salads by adding a dash of hot sauce and some tofu. I hate to say this but tofu taste like cardboard if you eat it alone.

Grocery Listwm

Believe it or not this is my entire grocery haul for the week. So to begin I cook the Quorn “ground beef” and Nasoya tofu with some olive oil and add spice it for flavor. The broccoli slaw I cook with a dot of olive oil again and this is usually part of my dinner. Green beans I eat raw they are yummy that way. I also make my juice which consists of (spinach, cucumber, celery and apple). I drink this in the morning on my way to work.



Here’s the finished product.  The containers on the left (3 cups each) are my salads which is basically romaine lettuce with green onion.  The containers on the right are my 6oz (I use a small scale) of lean protein.  The baggies either have bell pepper and onion which I add to my salads or green beans which I eat as a mid morning snack.  I add 2 tbsps of fat free ranch dressing and some hot sauce to my salads before I leave for work that morning.  I don’t like it when it gets soggy.


Salad 1 salad2

Not pictured:  I eat my carrot cake protein bars and a protein shake during the day as well plus dinner.

All in all I like to eat a lot.

I am following Jamie’s plan as close as possible. Right now I do not count calories but I try to eat as clean as I possibly can.

Do any of you prep any of your meals?

DISCLAIMER:  Yes I did have some left over chocolate from Halloween and pizza this weekend AND I DON’T REGRET IT!!!


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