Meet Buddy

The Budster

Birth date: February 12, 2010

My name is Buddy. I answer to Budster, Superman, Little Man and Buddy.



My mom likes to take pictures of me because I’m cute.  I take up the entire bed when I sleep.



I am always on the lookout for snakes and squirrels. If I catch a snake I will leave it on the back porch for my mom because I know how much she likes them. She likes them so much she always gives a big scream when she sees them.

I steal everyone’s toys!


I eat random things . . . grass , dirt and everything in between. When I was 3 months old I had my leg amputated because I was stepped on. When I was 1 I had surgery for a luxating patella. Just last month I ate organic fertilizer and ended up at the doggie hospital.


I have an older sister, her name is Ally.



We make a great team and are always on the look out for strangers, dogs, cats or flies.


I am a handful but my mommy loves me as I am!

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