November Workout Log

So here it is My November log.  I am very proud of it to say the least.  I stuck to my workout plan. I did miss my workout on the 26th so I had to include it the next day with my leg routine.  My diet was a little off with Thanksgiving and all but what was I gonna do?  Not eat?  Nope I ate lots of potatoes, pie, tofurky, everything.  It was awesome!  This year was different from the rest though I wasn’t eating to the extremes (as in my pant buttons were going to pop off).  That was the old me.  This year I ate until I was no longer hungry then I ate again and again but the portions were smaller.  Finally I am back on track with my schedule.  I had my meal prep Sunday and I even outline my meals so I know exactly what to eat.



That quote on top is from the infamous Bruce Lee.  It is one of my favorites.  Alittle motivation never hurt anyone.  Anyway the full quote reads “If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life.  There are no limits.  There are only plateaus and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”


Here is a preview for December.  Since I will be taking a ski trip I will be working my behind off and saving all my rest days for that week.  Actually it is a snowboarding trip but snowboarding was to long to write on my calendar.  I have never snowboarded before and I do realize that it will be a workout of its own and I will be super sore for a few days afterwards.  Nonetheless I am looking forward to this trip!


December Before

I am looking forward to December.  I’m ready to make my new resolutions and excited to see what 2014 will be bring.

So how does everyone else plan their workouts?

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