October Workout Log

Apparently Thanksgiving is next week!!! Eeek.  It creeped up on me, this year has gone by so fast.  It’s almost time for me to re visit my New Year’s Resolutions.  Today I’m posting my  October workout log with a sneak peek of November.  Now to be fair I had kind of a sluggish October.  I began the Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program on the 23rd and that’s when you will see I picked back up with my workouts.

Sunday’s are still my official meal prep days and I try to go to at least 1 kickboxing class a week.  I know Jamie says no cardio for a month but I can’t help it.  I feel weird if I don’t get some kind of cardio. Notice I haven’t been running like I used too. Read an interesting article (post to soon) about steady state cardio vs. HIIT, it basically boils down to “do I want to be a marathon runner or a sprinter”?


I want to be the sprinter. I want muscles lots and lots of muscles!!!


So here is my October. It was an okay month. I was feeling sluggish and very unmotivated in the first half of the month.


This was my November plan. Obviously I took this picture before November so when I post up the workout log it will look a bit different. I have stuck to it pretty well. I will be posting progress pictures and measurements soon as Phase II official begun on Sunday the 17th.

I’m excited for what’s to come!!!


Disclaimer:  The sprinter vs. marathon picture is not my own. I found it on google images.

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