First Overnight Solo Hiking Trip



Next month I will be taking my very first overnight hiking trip.  I will out in the wilderness all by myself as I attempt to hike the Guadalupe Peak . . . the highest point in Texas.  According to the National Park Service website, this is an 8.4 mile round trip and should take 6-8 hours to complete.  My longest hike to date stands at 1.5 hours and to be honest I do not even know if I will make it to the top but I most certainly will try.

I was inspired to hike after reading (and watching the movie) “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed.  After watching YouTube videos on backpacking/hiking, I quickly decided this was something I wanted to do.  Eventually I would like to hit the trail with Ally and Buddy but that will take time as they have never slept outside and therefore need to start training for the outdoors.  Plus I get tired of seeing all this city stuff, I want to get out there and start exploring.  There is much to see and so little time to see it.

I started a backpacking fund for gear and there is money left over in my vacation fund, this is how I will pay my way for this trip.  I chose the Guadalupe National Park as my first hiking trip simply because of the mountains.  My other options were the Sam Houston and Davy Crockett National Forest, however climbing the highest point in Texas appealed to me the most.  Up until 3 years ago I used to take an annual camping trip to the beach where I would unplug and spend time reading and thinking.  These trips are special to me because even though I have to drive the 7-8 hours I am able to relax and spend time with myself.  I will be close enough to civilization so that if I freak out in the wilderness I have a way out.  This is just the first step on the ladder.

I am not scared to go alone and to be honest I kind of prefer it that way, at least for this trip.  There are a few family members who do not like the idea of me being in the wilderness alone but they know that once I make up my mind, there is no going back.  Besides, the park is so far out of town that I really doubt someone is going to drive out there just to steal my tent.  I really feel there is more danger at my local park than there will be at the Guadalupe National Park.  The only thing I am worried about are rattle snakes.  Hopefully they stay out of my way!

Have you ever done any solo hiking trips?

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