Waiting for Tomorrow

Someday I will travel.  Someday I will join a martial arts class and be awesome.  That day may never come.  I know I’m not alone in using the someday excuse.  It’s just that I’m so busy doing life stuff like working, eating, sleeping (rinse and repeat).   I was clearing my email inbox then came across this email I sent to myself back in 2012.

A bit of background on this.  At this time I was busy studying for my CPA exam spending hours upon hours at the library.  I isolated myself from everyone because to me this was how I was going to get through my exams faster.  Of course it didn’t help but for some reason I thought that exhausting myself to no end was the key to success.



I know it says ‘bucket list’ but really it was more of a list of things I needed/wanted to get done.  If you notice I have a “Sox/Lady Grooming time” bullet.  Sox and Lady are family dogs.  They both lived with my mom at that time.  It was my intention to set up a schedule where I would go over and bathe them.  2012 passed and I still had 1 exam to finish so my list sat in the back burner until I had the time to get to it.

January 2013 – Lady (14 years old) passed away.  I knew her time was coming yet I pushed that thought into the back of my head because I was too busy studying.

May 2013 – Finished my last exam and passed. Finally! I could get on with my life right?

Summer 2013 – Sox passed away.  I had time between my final exam and the end of Sox’s life to implement my grooming schedule but I never did.  He was only 7 and still had a good 7 years in him, or so I thought.  Life, per usual, had other plans.

The point I am trying to make is this. . .  Never put on hold what you can accomplish today.  We all have busy lives but it’s important to live in the now and be content with who and what we have in our lives.  Sure work hard for that new car you want or in my case the 3 initials behind my name but remember that time is something you never get back.

Time is very precious, it is one of the only things one cannot buy.  All the money in the world will not buy you time.



Buddy (on the left) is 4 and Ally (on the right) is 7 .  It feels like I have a life time to spend with these little guys.  The days are counted and nothing is ever assured.

Buddy is enrolled in training classes (still working on potty training – see list above). I do my best with Ally to train her with what I have learned from Buddy’s sessions. I want to start taking them on daily walks too.



I want to travel. It may not be fancy like Bora Bora but you know what? It’s okay. I’m happy and that’s all that matters.



I want to be fit and strong. I am no Jamie Eason but this is the healthiest I have ever been. I take great pride in how far I have gone.



Someday I want to learn how to write a proper blog post.  I’m done with someday’s.  I will write the posts and can only hope that everyone understands what it is I am trying to say.  English was NOT my strongest subject but you know what? Practice makes perfect.

It’s the small things in life that count.  I have to work to save money to travel but everything else I can do from home.

Enjoy the moment, live in the present!


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