Working for the Weekend



What is your favorite day of the week?  Mine is Wednesday.  Why Wednesday?  I’m glad you asked.  Wednesday is right smack in the middle of the work week which means two more days until my weekend starts.  Fantastic!! What am I going to do this weekend?  Currently I have a laundry list of things that need to get done, change the car oil, laundry, grocery shopping, hit the bank, house maintenance stuff, the list goes on and on.  I have a huge problem with this because by the time I’m done with everything, Monday comes back around and then the cycle repeats its self all over again.  Work in my cube 8-5, train (this I actually like), shower, eat, sleep and repeat.

Why do we work so hard all week to get to the weekend?  Maybe it’s our management skills. Hey! Let’s read a book on time management and see if we can squeeze more relaxing, fun time into those 2.5 days.  Nope, sorry been there done that and still haven’t found a solution.

Who came came up with a 40+ hour week anyway?  And why?  People spend more time surfing the internet than actually doing work, it’s true, look around your office. I’m all about the 4 hour work week (another great book) and am slowly but surely working towards this goal.  Less hours spent at work means increased productivity and efficiency.  Corporate America needs to hop on that Tim Ferris bandwagon pronto!

There are people out there who live to work and that’s totally fine but for me I just don’t see the point of working so dang hard.  I was happiest earning $15.00/hr, driving an old Nissan Sentra and working part time as a receptionist.  Life was good but somewhere down the line someone said something about a career and college.  So I took off and did the college thing.   Fast forward and here I am working 40+ hours a week in a cube doing something that doesn’t excite me.

Ever hear people brag about how many hours they worked last week?  As if that’s something to be proud off.  All those extra hours spent in the office equates to less time with your family and/or doing things that really make you happy.  I understand things come up and you have to put in the extra time every once in awhile but don’t make this a habit because the bosses will begin to expect this from you on a frequent basis.

For the longest time I equated success with money but now here I sit at a crossroads.  In one direction there is a clear path to “success” with a steady job that will surely allow me to buy brand new shiny things.  The other direction has an overgrown field which much uncertainty but this field can be tamed with a machete.  A machete that I can control.

There just has to be more to life than working and waiting for the weekend to come around.



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